Contact the Fellheimer Law Office to assist you in the following kinds of criminal cases:

  • DRIVER’S LICENSE PROBLEMS including Unresolved Pennsylvania Traffic Tickets or Driver’s License Suspensions;
  • SERIOUS TRAFFIC OFFENSES including Reckless driving, School Bus violations, Driving without Insurance or Driving Under Suspension or Revocation;
  • COMMERCIAL DRIVER’S LICENSE Problems and Defend Truck Drivers and CDL Operators on virtually any Traffic Offense;
  • DRUG OFFENSES including Simple Possession, Possession with Intent to Distribute, Drug Sales and Trafficking;
  • DRUNK DRIVING CHARGES including Repeat Offenses and challenges to Chemical and Field Tests;
  • HOMICIDE by Vehicle, including Homicide by vehicle DUI related cases;
  • COMPUTER CRIMES including Child Pornography, Illegal Downloading, Hacking, Unlawful Access or any other Computer Crime;
  • WHITE COLLAR CRIMES such as Identity Theft, Embezzlement, Fraud, Public Corruption, Tax Evasion or Obstruction of Justice;
  • JUVENILE OFFENSES including Sexting or any serious Felony Charges where the defendant will be tried as an adult;

Protect Your Rights

The job of the police and prosecutor is to convict people who are charged with committing a crime. As a result, neither is too concerned about giving the accused the benefit of the doubt. As your criminal defense team, we vigorously defend your rights, representing you at every meeting or interaction with authorities.

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