The responsibility of manufacturers, distributors and sellers of products to the public, to deliver products free of defects which harm an individual or numerous persons and to make good on that responsibility if their products are defective.

Although the ultimate responsibility for injury or damage in a products liability case most frequently rests with the manufacturer, liability may also be imposed upon a retailer, occasionally upon a wholesaler or middleman, and infrequently upon a party wholly outside the manufacturing and distributing process, such as a certifier.

Our attorneys are well equipped to handle claims involving the following dangerous products:

  • Products with design defects
  • Products without proper warning labels
  • Defective equipment
  • Construction accidents 
  • Tractor and ATV/four-wheeler rollovers -
  • Dangerous fitness equipment
  • Children’s products
  • Poorly maintained elevators and escalators
  • Defective tires, brakes, and equipment
  • Defective manufacturing equipment

A product liability claim may be your primary case, or may stem from a trucking accident, workplace accident or auto accident. As your attorneys we will conduct a thorough investigation of events leading to your injury, an investigation which may allow us to identify sources of compensation beyond workers’ compensation.

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